Another great testimony about Qiara

Another Great Testimony about Qiara - Qiara Probiotics

“I wanted to avoid antibiotics at all cost … after 1 sachet of QIARA probiotic CECT5716, my mastitis cleared up almost immediately!”

New mum, naturopath and nutritionist Megan Jane, from “Megan Jane Healing You”: @meganjanehealingyou, wanted to avoid antibiotics whilst breastfeeding.

“One morning I woke feeling achy in my joints. It felt like I was getting the flu but I didn’t have any of the usual symptoms. As the day went on my right breast starting hurting and a red patch appeared. I checked my temperature around 8.30pm and it was 39.1 degrees. I was pretty sure I had mastitis.”

“I started massaging the affected area, feeding more frequently, hot and cold compresses, and threw a couple of panadol down to keep my temperature in check. I wanted to avoid antibiotics at all costs!

I spoke with my midwife who recommended a probiotic QIARA. I’d never heard of it but would try anything. The next afternoon when the midwife arrived I still had a fever that I could only keep down with panadol. My breast still hurt and no matter what I tried I couldn’t shake the infection”.

“I took 1 sachet of the QIARA probiotic, I must admit I skeptical if it would work. Within 2 hours my fever came down, my breast pain ceased and the red patch disappeared! I was stunned! My mastitis cleared up almost immediately”
QIARA contains the specific patented Lactobacillus strain CECT5716 sourced from human breast milk which has been shown in research to help reduce mastitis by 51%.

“Its $80 for around 28 sachets (one month supply) but for me it’s priceless if I can avoid antibiotics whilst still breastfeeding”.
“Breastfeeding mamas – If you succumb to mastitis, I highly recommending taking a course of QIARA to avoid antibiotic treatment. Antibiotics are passed through the breast milk, so your little one unfortunately will feel the effects and have their precious gut flora altered. Even if you have had to take a course of antibiotics QIARA can be taken in conjunction with treatment to help restore the good bacteria in your gut and prevent future infections. QIARA can even be given to your little one”.

*Results may vary. If symptoms persist, seek medical advice.

Qiara is available at over 250 stockists nationally –



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