Another great testimony about Qiara

“I wanted to avoid antibiotics at all cost … after 1 sachet of QIARA probiotic CECT5716, my mastitis cleared up almost immediately!" New mum, naturopath and nutritionist Megan Jane, from "Megan Jane Healing You”: @meganjanehealingyou, wanted to avoid antibiotics whilst breastfeeding. “One morning I woke feeling achy in my joints. It felt like I was… Continue reading Another great testimony about Qiara


WELLBEING TAKING THIS PROBIOTIC CAN HELP PREVENT MASTITIS IN BREASTFEEDING MOTHERS A study in Spain has shown that Lactobacillus fermentum CECT5716 can prevent mastitis by 50%, by reducing Staphylococcus bacteria.

Finding The Right Probiotic For You

Finding the right probiotic for your needs is essential. Remember: 1. Not all probiotics are the same 2. The STRAIN is the most important factor 3. More strains are not necessarily better. Join Qiara on Facebook: Website: